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Giant Puppet Theatre

by Giant Puppet Theatre

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Where will I go when the Universe explodes?
I will just continue this Existence - on and on.
Reality is easily inconsistent and chortled.
And my breath, I spoke out! I know what my fate is!
I am fated to live amongst those who will all die.
But Death is my Lover, Therefore I will be alright.
I have only one future and that is one of monotony.
Alone and bored, I can wonder still.
I am the only one who will live forever out of all these grains of sand.
And some wouldn't be able to stand it. They'd go mad.
But I've been there already. That moment has been had.


Their debut album 'GPT' takes you on an epic, musical journey with heavy thematic elements of Life and Death. Presented as something ever-so-difficult to explain in words. GPT is experimental, psychedelic, melodic, theatrical, next-level synth and choir shaman rap.

This is the official soundtrack to the theatrical play, 'Giant Puppet Theatre.'

For more questions, send us an email: for more information.

A Special Thanks to all who made this album possible.
You know who you are. After all, THEY surely know who you are.
Keep in touch for our next album, coming soon.


released June 6, 2012



Everything By Giant Puppet Theatre.

Talaria Haast - (Voice and Vocals for Tracks 1 & 7)
Joel Ode - (Voice and Laughter for Track 1)
Haley Ingles - (Voice for Track 1)
Menkerios Andemicael - (Voice and Vocals for Tracks 1, 7, & 13)
Juda-J - (featured on Track 3)
Anonymous Girls - (Vocals on Track 3)
Biesemans - (Voice on Track 3)



all rights reserved


Giant Puppet Theatre Oakland, California

GIANT PUPPET THEATRE, (circa. 2012) is a genre-bending, melodic rap group with music "based on ancient Eastern philosophy combined with western thinking, Pink Floyd, and a love for life."

Twitter: @GiantPuppetTree
Instagram: @wearegpt

Giant Puppet Theatre is VO & AMARANTH.
All Content By Us.

Hear it before you die.
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Track Name: Giant Puppet Theatre
Ashes… To dust…. To clay… to man,
And we're made from scratch in the hands of,
Silhouettes'll pass the winding hallways in terror!
To feel like they're all trapped inside this building forever!
I pull you outta this cave you've been in your whole life!
Then I'll teach you how to shave with a rusty old knife.
Taking off your mask, you shed your skin like a creature.
You must let go of your past and get with Giant Puppet Theatre.

In a dream - breathe in your (depths)
But it's time to Live now…
In a dream - breathe in your (depths)
But it's time to Live now…

Waking up this morning… All was gone according.
I get up with a smile as I'm starting off my story.
To buy a pack of cigarettes and get my cup of coffee.
I'm walking to my ride you say my stride is rather motley.
I drive on to the other side of the town cos' I missed her!
I had her in my arms for a while as I kissed her!
But Life said "Naw!" then it severed us with scissors.
I go on bittersweet, then I take it like a picture.


We still miss you so! More than you would ever know!
Life goes on! Some are afraid to take me on and start the -
You say such a silly phrase
until you die from lack of sleep!
All the haters are gonna hate,
but they will simply start to sink!
And the Life we live it is great
but if you need a reminder!
If you wanna stretch your legs
than have a seat on recliner!
But you will catch me - on a rocking chair!
Son of a bitchin' old timer!
Optimistic hands in the air
until the day that I find her!
Til then I'll be smoking my pipe like a wizard.
I go on bittersweet, than I'll take it like a picture.


In a dream - breathe in your (depths)
But it's time to Live now…
In a dream - breathe in your (depths)
But it's time to Live now…
Track Name: If Mankind Ever Existed
Tales of mankind from the depths of your mind.
Pour it all out from the heart full of love.
Strong urge to write down a song they would judge.
Burn with desires to not give a fuck.
Break out of your shell and I'll take you on a trip.
Into hell, in yourself, while you stop to reminisce.
It helps you to forgive and forget all the events,
those times when you said that you wished you never lived.
Just get relaxed and vibe to the song.
A ride in your mind it was there all along
Subconscious - This - Subliminal concert.
Giant Puppet Theatre Greatest Show on Earth!
Simple to find out, Open your mind now!
Good or a bad trip the shit's gonna ride out!
Life is a show and the world is a stage.
You are just a puppet. This is cabaret.
You may fall, but Life will go on…

When did it come to this?
Making Love to show the kids?
The music from your soul,
They feel it at the show oh oh
Symphonies, penetrating.
Deep inside serenading
The shells of all your former selves.

If Life were a track, we'd be the words.
Streets of graffiti to the word in the burbs.
Shoulder tap thought like an underage drinker.
Pass thought around like a new age thinker.
Shit's new wave, better yet prog-rap, progress,
No less, and don't you forget it.
Difficult to notice, if you don't get it.
If similarity define existence I ain't with it.
Fuck everything! Naw just forget it.
The picture is a tranny, Lord Fanny, get with it.
Tear gas the audience, no eyes to witness,
Conception ideas, nursing in placentas!
Man ain't kind to his own kind.
What makes you think he'll be kind to you?
Underthrow reality I don't find it true.
Awake the human being formerly known as you.

Click on the widescreen get the big picture,
Kids wanna panic whenever they envision,
The shit in the world as we live in the moment.
Something is amiss when your system is broken.
Hopeless void of love for the people.
Truth is, they don't give a fuck who is equal.
Beast mode, but nobody wants to be a hero.
Chaos - bomb it all. Shit's back to zero.
Taking back the Earth and we had to ask, why it is
we live in a world with the pain and the strife in it,
same as the times when it, brought on the stress.
And Death's on your mind, expect nothing less.
Greed from the West, and shady politics,
I can see why it is kids like to forget, but
don't get depressed. I talked about the shit.
It would be a shame if you thought that, that was it.


The best way to make change is to break a dollar.
Life is a dick, and it only gets harder.
Nigga drink the hemlock swag of a scholar.
If you don't exist, might as well become a martyr.
Go figure, enigma's not enough for the kids
Sit back on your couch, wonder why we exist,
In this Life you would die, just to live a little bit
The reprise is divine - When did it come to this?
At a point in time when the answer is mysterious
No longer held captive when the actions turn furious
Spark of creativity with dry wall barricades
Engulfed in flames burn everything no longer chained.
Passionate fire, hot blood, headfirst,
Dive into life your desire shall quench thirst
Yearning for greatness - break through the heavens
Based on this latent immaculate conception!
You can live or die.
You can rise or fall.
You can laugh or cry,
Or you can have it all.
You can stay or go.
Or you can have a soul.
Or give it all away and
Carry on with the show.

When did it come to this?
Making Love to show the kids?
The music from your soul,
They feel it at the show oh oh
Symphonies, penetrating.
Deep inside serenading
The shells of all your former selves.
Track Name: Shrooms
Early in the day, dropping by Safeway,
Grab a bottle of the OJ
With an eighth of mush I down it, It
Taste so profounding, like shit,
So I need them sweet drinks to sip,
And I chase and wait, in contemplation.
Anticipation, Nervous symptoms,
Man my body's shaking.
No turning back, there's no escape,
Cos' now your body's taken,
By the spores in your core,
And the colours turn so vibrant
And your world is deformed.
Everything begins to vibrate!

My Life feels like surreal life,
Cos' I never seen it like this in real life.
Open up your mind,
Let the feeling consume you.
This kaleidoscope world
That I'm tryna get used to.

When I'm with you I feel alive. I'm so high,
Skyscraping through the mushroom clouds,
Thoughts flowing like the Nile.
Go home and watch the time melt,
With a little bit of orange juice I'm fenna let the dogs loose.
What a Euphoria! Got my mind exaggerated.
Turn a sandbox into a desert.
An itty bitty kitty to a leopard.
Damn Adam! How you convince me to take this shit together?
There's been times I'm feelin' better, I don't feel right.
Fuck what your friends say, if I don't feel better - Kaiser Permanente.
I think I'm going insane, but I kinda like it,
Cos' I'm feeling so vibrant - open up ya eyelids.

Fly ya soul like a kite to the moon and back,
Colouring your Life on a spectrum of eight,
Get the twenty four pack, HD vision smacking,
I envision all the colours on my stage, a-stacking,
All around me like the rings of Saturn.
I been captivated, Got myself a date with,
Alice as the hours turn to ages,
Kick it with the Hatter when I shout no room for playin'.
It's tea time with the fungus,
Hit you with the rompus.
Wild things among us,
Stumbling through the stage with yo
Spaghetti legs, coming of age,
Compressed into a day,
Coming down from trip
To indie phase.
Everything makes sense
When you see it my way.
Truth is in the shrooms,
Be the phrase I say!
Ain't no tirade man,
If you can't comprehend,
You must ascend until the day we meet again,
My friend!


I don't believe in time so I look at the clock,
The Earth could breathe, but now it has stopped.
Broken memory, Can't tell where I'm at,
Couldn't stand it then, Now I rewind it back.
My mind was gone, but now my body's broke.
I need to calm down - Have some weed to smoke.
Everything's down here, I don't wanna see up!
Yo Adam! Tell these kids to shut up!
From talking to Life, Nothing seems right!
It was just bright, in the middle of the night,
I no longer understand the land of man!
I see the Universe like the Drug Man can.
My mind's out there and my soul ain't here,
I talk real def so I have no fear.
Will it ever stop? Hell naw.
All these thoughts can't tell what I want.


Why am I still here?
Feeling so alone?
No one by my side?
Nobody to hold?
Why am i still here?
Why are you alone?
Track Name: Naked Silhouette (Love Theme)
Do you remember when we were together?
That was quite sometime ago, (ago.)
This is a new day, to last you forever.
This is not the life you know, (you know.)
Lying by my side, staring at the purple skies
Have it anyway you like, it could be yours!
When you realize that you can open up your eyes,
And smell the roses that you've never seen before.
Ooh, I can watch you lose your mind to this song babe,
So so long babe!
Ooh I can watch you lose your mind to this song babe,
So so long, See you another day!

Red rose, red rum, I'm up in a place,
Locked away somewhere in you.
So move to the groove of the serenade
Of loving and the lusting is,
Bound to come through with you.

You have got a man, baby, I have got a girl,
Maybe, We can take a stand, for the night.
You don't have to dance, I like to have what I can't get
I'm killing everything I love before I die.
My determination for this cause,
Leaves me severely scarred when I
Open up the cage of your beast
No need to tame it.
I like em wild to say the least,
Cos' I love to play the game of
Chase you down until I bleed from your-

Red rose, red rum, I'm up in a place,
Locked away somewhere in you.
So move to the groove of the serenade
Of loving and the lusting is,
Bound to come through with you.
Track Name: The Speeding Elevator
You are my type, It's strange to ask,
Where have you been all my Life?
By the end of the night, We'll take a stand.
Soak in the sin where I lie.

This is a game that nobody wins.
Our minds are the antagonist.
Man V. Man. You versus You.
Old husbands tale. Nothing is new.
But I'm a young buck and I'm a springed chicken.
Ask my parents they'll say I don't listen.
If you ask me I say some don't get it.
If you want the truth then you should spit it.
Deny to yourself, and lie to yourself.
You were born and you'll die by yourself.
No hospitals if no one needs help.
Deny this too. Hate that is true.
Don't give a fuck, but most people do.
At least I do, not saying you should.
But in this Life, Not all is good.
Don't believe me, take a trip to the hood.

OohOohOoh, Babe!!!
Take my hand, And watch the Earth end
By December!!!
OohOohOoh, Babe!!!
Take a stand, And I can take you to a world,
You've never been!!!

(I see nothing that lies before me.)
(I breathe. All that is Life before me.)

Do give a fuck well, most people don't,
Til the end comes around then you get up and go.
Tryna live Life at the very last minute, but
You never thank God for the life he's given.
Rhymes played out, No way to stop it,
Ain't much to say but we keep up the talkin',
Search for a sound, yeah we all got problems,
Ghost in the attics and bones in the closet.
It's a process, Sheep really dig it.
Pop song gimmick add swag to the lyrics.
Masking a song, blank lines can't fill it.
Address it raw, yet you really can't kill it.
The moment is right, but the timing is off,
So onward march no end to the songs.
Never gonna stop going on through the years.
To live or to die in Giant Puppet Theatre.

(I see nothing that lies before me.)
(I breathe. All that is Life before me.)

Let yourself go, Falling freely from your wire,
With no strings attached I'm a surviving skydiver.

I think I should start over ya'll.
It wouldn't even stop. (GASP!)
AIUGH! I'ma stush- I'ma ……
Track Name: Waking Up
Wake up my friend and smell the ashes
All things must come to and end.
You're burning with a passion for Life.
You yearn for something you cannot define.

Guns of the Patriots, Shot across the nation.
Waking every person from their eternal slumber.
War is in the East and the Drugs are in the Streets,
And I hug her in the sheets before I finish up my thesis.
Tears of a clown and the children all drown.
Fall comes around whence we all fall down.
Pockets full of stogies, wallet, and a cellphone.
My brain is full of thoughts that only I, myself know.
As the bell tolls, And I ask for whom?
It's such a lively, a vibrant, and a lovely tune.
Signifying, a certain persons doom.
Your time will come for this Life is surely interlude.

Oh America! As I walk your ground!
Cannot help but think about this Love I found!
As I wander through every little town!
You're still breathing here!

Welcome to America, the Land of the Brave!
Home of the imprisoned. Land of the Slaves!
Where the bitches look Hawaiian so we're all getting lei'd.
Meet up on the stage, Where we can congregate.
Directors in his chair, Now is the time for action.
Smote every show, Hands do way more than clappin'
Revolutions need music! Time for crescendo.
Staccato beat pattern, Archangels sing of nouveau!
Reach as we unleash, The Ultimate,
Modern day dysentery cos' they ain't stoppin' shit!
I rep a viewpoint connected to the populous,
The damage has been done, and it is quite obvious.
Crack filled roads, and rundown streets of the D,
Attempted to defeat, but ended obsolete,
The machine as we log on and start spiraling.
Preferred Queen and King, and a beneficial monarchy.

The-the aroma of the dirt and the nature was different.
And hidden by cancerous malls and boxes.
All the little places I fornicated with many different women,
[Would suck my cock/In different mindstates.]
Suburbs internet means of travel,
As opposed to human beings walking on gravel.
You must be reminded. We are still alive.
We have yet to die. We have yet to fly.

Wake up my friend and smell the ashes
All things must come to and end.
You're burning with a passion for Life.
You yearn for something you cannot define.
Track Name: She Far Away
Swing so high. The chariots carry her up to the skies,
When she wants to go home.
Violet streams appearing in her dreams.
Taking her away to a place we've yet to go.

She's done with Life,
Gone far and wide.
The other side ain't worth that flight, Nevermind,
I'm wanting her in my Life and yet,
She shook her head to the beat,
In an aeroplane, Over the Sea.
AmStar gas overtly casual, back in the day
We blow all the trees.
Pull off the buds with a wink and smile.
Full of your love cos' it's all worthwhile.
Live fast die young, what is it for?
When you hop in my ride with pedal to the floor?
Heaven's door, so quick to be knocking,
Petal of the rose gets sold at the auction.
There was something else in the tale but I lost it.
Not concrete, all I have is concepts.
She's gone from the world we know,
Took tabs just to free her soul.
Spiral abrupt, when life's not enough,
For the girl that I love with her cosmic glow.
Damn! Waking up alone yet again.
Felt like a mess when I first came in.
Look in the glass at an unknown face
Look back at myself with a cheshire grin.

Can't kick it. It's ill feelin',
Only in the end will we let them in.
But then again, I say with a grin,
It was always the woe that saved the men.
From themselves, self destruction.
Fountain of youth, his for hers.
Gentlemen's rules, ladies go first.
Tears get shed, eyes they burst.
Cloudy scene but the boy as Life.
Tried to live but couldn't live it right,
Then recovered from mistakes, Hey! That's Life!
In brightest day and darkest night.
The woman of his heart, Up in VY Canis,
Said boy don't worry, you must manage.
You must stay and go insane
So the brother will know the world of true change.

Left him behind cos' the man had to learn
That the world still turns when she says farewell.
Change is the constant factor in Life and,
Will she be mine? Only time will tell.
Delve in a sea of lovin' for me,
But nothin' is free, so I give my soul.
She would receive and meet up with I,
At this body of mines to become one whole.
Go for the gold! Life's too short to be down,
So you bet that I'ma go all out.
Shout to the skies with passionate eyes,
The sound of your cry is loving out loud.
Down for the count, but I'm comin' back.
When I come around Life's gonna be grand.
I hope you understand it'll get outta hand, at last
This Life might end in a flash.

I'm sorry there's nothing you can do.
It has to happen. You deserve someone out of this world.
And when you find her you'll know. This reminds of that saying…
I forget how it goes… The best laid plans of mice and men…


The day that the valkyrie comes for him,
She will ease his brain, To become one once again,
She receives her love and it's pumping him,
Continue on until you're stronger than,
Her father his own, their land his home.
The feelings that you get when you're alone,
Even though he didn't know, he wasn't.
No matter, just live!
Do not forget that you must give!
Lest you forget all that she once did!
For sex skills you were blessed with.
Generation X what's in a name?
Without you, Amaranth ain't the same,
No time to complain, Love your ball and chain.
You are free but freedom is pain.
Return to the cave with knowledge she gave.
Now you are smart, Scarecrow with brain.
The Lion has wit, Tinman has heart.
If you see red then you must part,
The Sea. But what I see ocean is green.
Row your boat through galaxies.
Happy is her produce her word.
When she is gone at least you've learned.
Track Name: Lucid State of Mind
Slates are blank
In lucid state of mind.
This is where I reside.
My words adorn these walls.
I'm not okay at all.
At first it seems I am.
I put my smile on.
Don't mind this cheerful mask.
As long as I exist
With all my thoughts
That float inside My World.
I strive to write them down in words
And watch the chaos, all unfurl.
Lost deep in a train of thought,
And I forget that I forgot,
How deep it gets when I get lost,
And so I write my songs, for (me/you.)

We are Giant Puppet Theatre
In a dream breathe in your -
Love, Hate, Joy, Pain, Life, Death,
But it's time to live now.

We are Giant Puppet Theatre
In a dream breathe in your

Blank thoughts - Monoliths,
Colossal at the docks,
At the west side of town,
Cranes permanently flocked.
South for the winter cos'
I killed in cold blood.
Hope I stay warm enough
To take hugs and make love.
My face starts melting when
I open my eyelids.
The parts of a bad trip
That have yet resided.
I need some confessions,
I'm slightly confiding to the masses
With my therapeutical writing.

Writhing in agony and pain
Limbs flailing attached by the veins
To a spine and a brain
Is the walk and the dance that you see
And the voice that you hear and
The heart has mediated for thousands of years.
Might say that I'm strange, but you're dull
And that's that, matter of fact
You can feel the vibrations in the air when I rap.
Not that you care about that,
Cos' if you blank out it's fine,
But it's the blank outs of mine,
That'll carry on throughout time.


(throughout time)
(tick tock)
Track Name: GodHand
Time goes by until you die.
Time goes by until you die.
Am I right?

Yo Adam, why'd you have to tell em so?
The truth is hard to handle every time the door is broke.
The door stays broken, kids stay smokin'.
Bums on the street out the box still helpin'
Each other, the kids and their mothers.
Bless you madam, rather you'd help me out,
Then be another lover, but that's not the way it is.
Nobody wants responsibility… They just wanna fuck her.

That's because
I got these bloody veins walk like my dad do.
Photogenic grin, take a pic cos' you had to.
Vietnamese kid, spit a flow with a black dude.
Rapping bout Life. How would I program you?
Five finger discount. My finger gives out.
Wiping off the grin girl, can I get a kiss now?
Right before I slide right in the old in n' out.
Didn't understand the first time so I spell it out.

I held you in my arms, maybe once or twice.
The third time I was holding up my palm with five.
You told me I counted with my fingers wrong.
But I would say I'm right about it all along.

Right. Right. Right. Right.
Track Name: "I ♡ You, Joker"
To once dream a beautiful dream,
Of the times when you believed
In all the things as a kid,
Thinking that it would come true.
But look where Life has brought you now.
Go have a cow.
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Who does the bell toll for?
Giant Puppet Theatre?
I don't even know anymore.

Day turns to night, but this is my true blood,
Turning everything that I know and that I love.
This is hell but I'm above it,
you can't tell me nothin'!
I would rather flare out supernova
than be trapped up in this dungeon.
Pain, Joy, Sorrow - All a part of life,
Live it up today - Tomorrow,
Is the time to die.
Everything fades, learned King Ozymandias,
Reference in a song, crowd ain't understanding it,
Destruction of the dream, self esteem is damaging,
To those without a heart or a mind.
I make rap music cos' I feel I'm elevated.
Beyond imagination, like a realization.
Speak my mind, this is no time to lie,
Spot a hater from the wall they don't know I'm SuperFly.
Smooth operator or a man on a misison.
Trying to find the key to Life by zero division.
Friends get X'd out, old girl an ex now,
I seen better days, but I ain't trippin'.
Rubber Soul homie, so I ain't slippin.
Fault line rap, Earth start shifting.
Life goes beyond itself and all of existence,
My soul leaves it's plane, headed for the Fourth Dimension.
Manhattan shape the world, it's all in the mind.
Keep pushing for it, second to the bottom line.

Nobody knows, why it's so wrong.
You're feeling lost but the show must carry on.
And in the end, we all must fly.
Into our nightmares where the dreamscape comes alive.

Sitting on a rock, like a rogue, on the cliff, by the shore,
Coming down from a high, Staring off into the sea,
Reminiscing all the times when I felt more alive,
But I'm dead inside, nothing else to do but just Breathe.
And think, the best is yet to come.
All you touch and all you see underneath the Sun,
With these tasks left undone, but it's time to move on,
We're getting in position waiting for the starting gun so-
You Set it off then you run, never gonna stop,
Setting fire to my lungs until we reach the top.
Settle down for nothing we keep running to forever.
Set the bar a higher notch, strive to make it better.
We're on the next level, extra-dimensional thoughts,
We rebel against the Gods, you could say we're like the Devil.
And while we're on the Earth, we're dishing out the hurt,
Spreading fire on the paths that we walk cos' we said so.
And this is true cos', we're like nobody else.
You're gonna love us as much as you love yourself.
Our swag is natural, we don't need no gold chains,
Or nice fancy cars man, cos' we gotta heart and,
I say it many times, this my art and I bleed it.
Just a matter of time, for planet Earth to see it.
Giant Puppet Theatre, in the depths that we breathe in,
With all one breath we breathe together as we dreamin'.


Who does the bell toll for?
Giant Puppet Theatre?
I don't even know anymore.
Track Name: All You Touch & All You See
Blood runs through your veins,
Is the same as dad's and all your ancestors.
Mother in pain, gave birth to you,
In this Life we live, for it's Life she gives.
Sacred life we'll die in multitudes,
And multiply like viruses,
As all the kids grow up with,
Smiles on their faces, they travel different places.

Reach out your hand to touch and feel,
Broken surfaces within the Desert of the Real Now,
Open your mind to see, My Lady,
Life keeps going til the day your love would save me.

You would be sure, to dance your night away,
Like it was the last night of your Life…
You would be sure, to dance your night away,
With Joy, until the day you die…

All you touch and All you see,
It is no joke, when you're with me.
Shifting your reality.
When the end comes around you'll be going down.
Write it down or sing this set,
Cos' in the end you won't forget,
The message he has come to send.
Welcome you to Knowhere, I advise you go there.


Earth is a deep world full of dreams and thoughts,
Now I gotta pay the costs of catching Zs to speed up the clock,
Need not say, Sleep is not in vein,
With my dreams the world will change,
Giant Puppet Theatre Live, Greatest show on Earth or Die!

Greater than swag, Greater than gass,
The one thing that will make us last
Beyond all of these demons and beyond human beings,
Presidents and Eon Kings, And things of the sort,
They call it devilish but only as a last resort.

You can live or die, You can rise or fall,
Laugh until you cry, You can have it all.
You can stay or go, or you can have a soul.
Or give it all away and carry on with the show.

Ooooh babe, Does it have to be that way?
Why you singin' in the rain, and the needle's in your veins?

The look in your eyes that pane to the soul.
Refrain from touch in a game called Don't.
Swim in a sea and get to the beach,
Within my reach but they'd all know.
Who would you kill to keep this secret?
It's your depths I breathe and sink in.
Gun to the head like what's he thinking?
Do it yourself Abraham Lincoln.
Cogito - Ergo Bang.
Lead meets brain - Kurt Cobain.
Feeling the pricks from pins and needles
Stuck in the veins, Lovin' in vein.
Warm gun, it feels too cold.
My Blood is hot. My soul is old.
There's no such thing as an overdose
Of love when you just go comatose.
Fuck it!
Track Name: Knowhere
United we stand, Divided we fall.
Our time is at hand, To fight in our war.
So long as mankind as alive on the Earth.
We've been cursed with desires to shed all this blood.
Show the love with demons at bedtime.
Return to dust in a year of the endtimes.
We Are Giant Puppet Theatre,
In a dream we breathe in is this life.
Oh how I miss my innocence.
Thrown out that bliss and ignorance.
Goin out in a blaze of glory,
Fight to the Death make the end magnificent.

See comin' with a grin, comin' in killin' them,
In the end, it's a new place to begin.
It is too complicated, what defines a complication?
Civil unrest with a lack of dedication,
To what was said in jest, when you know that it was true.
Hey breh, cypher til you make it down to you,
And the 'I' but I don't mean 'I',
I mean the most high, 'Jah Rastafari' name to define.
Sychrons, and things of the type to change you, Un-Overstood
What's the point in belief, Life comes too brief,
To not enjoy beef, Fuck That!
Scratch that, rather love lack,
It's called discretion in Life.
Split up, divide tracks,
Mix in to get in, Lose what was you.
Accept your fate so your sound sounds best.
Control yourself, but the meaning is stressed,
It is okay for you to take rest, strike stealthily,
The impact direct.

And I am the truth from which you run.
And you may fall but Life will go on.
Hey Johnny, you know there's more to Life,
And everyone will die, But I feel it's time for you to live now.
Hey Johnny, That's just the way it goes,
You'll always feel alone, But I feel it's time for you to live now.
Hey Johnny, You'll never make it far
If you stay here in the dark, Knock it off. It's time for you to live now.

It's us against them pitting brothers against brothers,
Men on one side, There's scum on the other.
Lovers and Haters, Runners and Chasers,
Winners and Losers, Beggars and Choosers,
Lines in the sand, spell 'DEATH' for mankind.
Work Eat Shit Have Sex, then you Die.
Understand the joke, and you Laugh til you cry.
You have never known that the answer's sublime,
But you search all your Life in vein for a meaning.
Picked up the bullshit, yer brain needs cleaning.
Fucked up your Life so you hope it's a dream
But this is reality, or it might be the Live feed,
From the Universe, Giant Puppet Theatre,
Earth is the stage featuring the little people.
hgfasilufh ,aeksbvaiwery,araeisyt,abewhet,ahir.
Track Name: All The Little People
Isn't that nice you brought me back.
There was a time you thought we had.
A slight case of insomniac insanity.
That's when you were half asleep.
Working on your masterpiece.
Altogether glad to be,
Making love to show all of humanity.

Take a dip on the other side of man's mind,
Otherwise we just fly, Say hello to get by,
But good-byes are just bad hellos,
And heroes just madfellows,
Who get fellatio and into places that they shouldn't go.
You won't make it in this industry,
Or so I was told, but it's time for jungle love.
Flip the bird, Moore's code,
Life will make you cynical,
Rather live it whimsical,
Little people are just sensual individuals.

With the Lights out you tend to dream of,
All the little people,
With the Light out you tend to dream of,
You and I.

Everyone is everyone, we are all the same.
Quick glance jagged edge cuts into your veins.
Kids live out there lives days mundane but,
I could not explain why I go against the grain.
Chasing after dreams with your head up in the sky,
They told me come down so floated much higher.
She's far away, so I came up to see her,
In a place I would come to name Giant Puppet Theatre.

They say the light could burn a hole,
in your soul when you're on the stage.
But I don't know, put on a show,
Johnny's left the cage.
So now you're here, Shakespeare,
Travel like a trouper,
To the constellations, become a starshooter.
I soothe her with my melodies provided by the Vo.
Even though you might not know, it is time for the show.
Here we go, stretch knees, So that we can grow.
Plant a seed into the ear, Only rap what you sow.


The way of the man and the soul of the star,
Black Shield, Bright Sword with a heart made of Art.
Bleed forevermore in a stark grey walk
As the Black Sun shines when the souls have departed.
Into Arcanum, as the last pit stop,
Icarus with the wings, the command of the queen.
Fly into the clearing with a Heart So True.
Giant Puppet Theatre is the one that chose you!




Soon you come to realize
That the whole time - You were alone,
And there was no audience.