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Ergo Cogito Sum

by Giant Puppet Theatre

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Yes, we are releasing this one song at a time. Feel free to download them as they come.

Ergo Cogito Sum, is GPT's sophomore album, that delves into the recurring heavy themes of Love, Money, Time, Death, & The Self vs. Society.
The title, in Latin, roughly translates to, "Therefore, I Think I Am."
The album takes you on a journey with Najee and Nam, in the days that lead up to the drop of World Destruction Bomb. With it's seriocomic atmosphere, and thought provoking lyrics, Ergo Cogito Sum is sure to leave you feeling as lively as a dose of the Red Pill. Enjoy it while it lasts.


released June 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Giant Puppet Theatre Oakland, California

GIANT PUPPET THEATRE, (circa. 2012) is a genre-bending, melodic rap group with music "based on ancient Eastern philosophy combined with western thinking, Pink Floyd, and a love for life."

Twitter: @GiantPuppetTree
Instagram: @wearegpt

Giant Puppet Theatre is VO & AMARANTH.
All Content By Us.

Hear it before you die.
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Track Name: World Destruction Bomb

Break on through to the other side,
The looking glass might show you why,
The truth is what they'll need to say to you.
Vanished from society,
And hidden from your eyes.
I've returned with hope that they would pray for you (pray for you!)

Common ideas and vernacular,
Spectacular, Verse ego Dracula!
Talking shit but they don't back it up.
Speakin' on yo name so slanderous!
I don't really care! What's it really matter?
If you got class, or you call it swagger?
Rose is a rose, by all names.
Name change but the game is the same!

The wall falls down, But no one is around,
To celebrate with you! Wait for me a day or two!
Running... On my way, I'm kicking dirt around
as not to fall in love as I traverse America!
Time takes us all to the same end.
Words cannot define all of these thoughts within my mind!
Where she and I fornicated!
Staring at my palms. I'm human after all.
Oooooohhhh BABE! Where did you go?
I'm feelin' so alone.
Oooooohhhh BABE! Won't you turn me on,
So we can die from the World Destruction Bomb! (BOMB!)

In the Garden of Eden, The Amaranth spoke to The Rose.
Amaranth said, "She's beautiful. Rosie said, "I know"
Then she said "I may be beauty -
That's my job but we all got duties,
Young Amaranth, I know it ain't easy.
Life came fast you ain't used to high speeding."
It's been a long time coming,
This is cool but it's not cool runnings.
Broke is a joke, lyrically I'm stuntin'
Metaphysical gun, Kickback I'm puntin'.
As a human, I spend a lot of time
Rethinking my thoughts and rewriting my lines.
I use my words, to change yo Life.
For me to help you, I gotta live mine right.

Where to begin with Life's great mysteries?
Thoughts, Hair, Emotion, Matter, and Energy.
All from within Your Eternal Unity,
Wake up, Wide eyes, Why do this to me?
Miss me, Love, Hugs, Kiss me,
Simply scored off the soundtrack symphony,
GPT, Do you copy? Get me?
Godly sound of the song come trip with me (me)
In a land... Of Giant Puppet Theatre...

Thoughts - the words in your mind.
Hair - growth.
Emotions - feel.
Matter - understand.
Energy - make sense.
I talk to my thoughts.
Mold my hair.
Feel emotional.
My body is what matters.
No matter... I am energy.

What is this? World Destruction Bomb?
Track Name: I Shouldn't Have to Explain
2. I do not need to explain

Verse 1 (Security)
Come up with a rap song, Do not care if it is or,
Immersed in ecstasy so I know that it flies.
Real shit out of me with halitosis,
Too many groups, people are not paying attention.
In the bigger picture, so they bought a frame.
Music franchise, so they buy a name.
Collective money, credit cards will not help here.
Headlights to and you are just a deer.
Many priceless moments, but you can not see.
Such as dust on the Atlas.
This is where we live in, go into perdition.
There was once a road, separated from the department,
The longest of these, hatred is on asphalt,
Racism, love on the run rearview.
Cracked streets now, many people go through.
Chain yourself together, for carpooling.

I do not want to die at a young age,
Do not see Jesus, we see disease.
War, famine, death, conquer!
Doomsday! By conscience.
Unconscious - It is pointless.
Gray matter. It was the dead man said.
War, famine, death, conquer!
Doomsday! By conscience.

Verse 2 (Security)
So I pulled the trigger, and I closed my lips.
Call Prometheus lit up a cigarette.
Go ahead eat liver, because I do not drink.
The liver grows back, do the same thing.
Day in day out. Remote Control.
I want this moment to last a little longer.
But it's not true. Death in space.
Afraid so instead of avoiding rebirth.
But we still die, fancy facial
Only by movie stars, we just want to waste.
Most of our men dash into the sea.
All women should we lack the ability to reproduce.
And all your base, are belong to me.
And if your love is too empty.
Not strong enough, determined to be too weak.
This is Normandy. Protect your beach.


Verse 3 (South-Male)
Time has changed, give me a dollar share.
Drinking hemlock payment for the cost of love.
As I write to you in a body made of fire.
Life is changing who can not save you.
Plug the ears and close your eyes and
Just pretend that everything is fine!
Praise to the highest level, to give out a sigh.
Nothing else to do in this life, but diving.
Never ask why this very strange world.
The fact that I do not need to explain.
Earth is a prison, should have known sooner.
Live for the present, seeing no future.
Cryptic message, people would say that
Life is a bitch, but they do not really understand
Not dark heart of the artist's soul.
And holy night, we eat meat.
The body of Jesus, the Bread of blood,
The mind of a drunken nihilism, do not care!
So, fuck it.
Track Name: Fuck Everything
This is the type of place that'll make you wanna say
Fuck everything! (Fuck everything!)
I be sittin' on the top of the world for a day
Fuck everything! (Fuck everything!)
Ergo cogito sum, the day that kingdom come,
The world destruction bomb ignites the blackest sun.
Everything is gonna be alright.
When it all goes to hell run into my arms.
Cos' you and I can make it if we fly in the dark.
Our dreams turning the wheel of the stars.
Love heart to heart, you and I kill em all.
Da da da da!

I seen a lot of people who don't say what they mean.
I seen a bunch of people, not a bunch of human beings.
And Giant Puppet Theatre gonna set yo mind free.
Free to make love, Fuck everything.

This is the type of place to leave depression on your face.
But I say fuck everything and leave destruction in my wake.
Used to let a nigga sleep, now I tell him he alive.
I refuse to create sorrow, that's behavior I despise.
That's no lie, tell the truth, and that's all that I can do.
Fuck everything don't mean fuck you.
I really do mean that I love human beings.
Fuckin' love my girlfriend so they are the same thing.

Fuck everything - Us against them
I arrive from darkest depths.
Thoughts to get up off my chest
So I confess amongst my friends.
Audience condemned to Death, the other side.
Cross into the spirit world. GPT - hypnotize.
Genocide, world destruction bomb is on
Thoughts I think are not my own.
Feeling better off alone, on my throne.
All and all you see me and the black guy
Sitting on this couch, You don't know what it's about.
People's heads are full of doubt.
Round the bend, we been there and back again
Psychedelic trips and verses writ it is no accident.
Not so much a pacifist when I am in my zone, it's Pacific.
The madness makes me murder and the method ain't specific.
They murder ya'll for riches in a third world division.
And it's vicious yet we still walk the Earth upon our missions.


Try to be a legend so I tend to act heroic,
Dark Knight, Kryptonite, Your favorite hero was a stoic
Didn't know it, didn't notice, Mister Freeze
I'm the coldest, Just because ya nose is frozen
Take a chance and don't blow it.
The truth I expose it freestyle it or wrote it.
Full of hope, they would like to see you hopeless,
If ya hopeless, than you broken, can't fix it, through smokin'.
Though you can try, you can smoke until you die,
But it won't fix a thing the problem is within your mind.
Life is beautiful but you will have to pay the fine.
Kick, punch. It's all in the mind.
If you wanna test me, I'll do ya fine.
You think this is impossible
But will will make you unstoppable.
You think that life is unsolvable
Highly impractical and illogical
I would agree, the world is full of grief
Mostly concerning another's belief.
But I think it's better if we do whatever
and killing a person is something we never
DO. Love we purse. Love who you choose.
Let your love go, real love comes back to you.
Lovin' in ones, threes, or in twos.
Some love is straight. Some love is gay.
I spell my love with an F.U.C.K.
Human is D.A.M.A.G.E.D.
Mixed in with God L.E.G.E.N.D.
Equals a myth Y.E.U. plus M.E.

I seen a lot of people who don't say what they mean.