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Joyful Life

by Giant Puppet Theatre

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Once again, killing it with that
Pen and pad, upon a beat,
Free at last or so it seems,
Speak in tongues with Holy G.
Holy ghost or so it goes,
We gone post up at this door.
Hit that floor and break it down
To this melodic overdose,
And I sorta hope,
I don't ever walk this road alone.
I just wonder why nobody knows,
What it is that we are fighting for.
And so it goes.
It's much ado about everything
When I spit to you on everything,
I'm cherishing each moment to this Life.
Why don't you open up your eyes?
Best think twice before you dive,
Ain't no telling who's gonna die,
Or who gone float up out alive
Out of lives - The game is up.
But where you at just ain't enough,
The cake's a lie or so we said,
But all these kids still ate it up,
The same as us, we break it down,
And raise it up for all these clowns,
That were lost but now they found
Giant Puppet Theatre breh breh!

Welcome home to the place where you belong,
And I know that you've known it all along.
And we all got to change and we all got to play the game.

I'm as real as they come
I ain't scared to show emotion
Past the tip of my tongue.
Some say that I'm dumbed
Cos' they think that I'm young.
Man, I know that I'm young,
Mentally forty-one.
Boy I been on the block,
With the whores on the curb,
And I been in the burbs,
With the sex and the herbs,
All these lessons I've learned
Like how to break up relations
Cos' if they don't know themselves
Then things gone stay complicated - UGH!
I told this dude that I rap.
He said what you rap about?
Is it the truth or the trap?
I tell him I rap em both,
Truth is that we are entrapped.
We think to simply of things,
It's either this or it's that.
Life is the yin and the yang,
There's even white in the black.
My exes still hit me up,
But I'm not writing em back.
Jennifer said I was cold,
I said I know it gets old,
I use to help and console,
But they better off alone.

Welcome home to place where you belong.
And I know that you've known it all along.
And we all got to change, and we all got to play the game.


released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Giant Puppet Theatre Oakland, California

GIANT PUPPET THEATRE, (circa. 2012) is a genre-bending, melodic rap group with music "based on ancient Eastern philosophy combined with western thinking, Pink Floyd, and a love for life."

Twitter: @GiantPuppetTree
Instagram: @wearegpt

Giant Puppet Theatre is VO & AMARANTH.
All Content By Us.

Hear it before you die.
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